Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

[Low] The story so far

While my Auctioneer scan is happily buzzing through 500+ pages of auctions in the background, I am sitting down to count up what I've achieved on my low account so far.

I started out with a Druid and got him Herbalism and Skinning right at level 10. Happily cruising through Darkshore, I was contacted by a Scribe after posting my first herbs on the auction house, who was interested in buying my Midnight Ink yielding herbs for 20g a stack. This made me my first 200+ Gold. I then dropped Skinning, because leather prices just weren't worth it at lower levels, and picked up Enchanting. While Disenchanting itself has been a nice moneymaker (always reinvesting money to keep my Enchanting skill maxed), my herbs soon started fueling my Paladin's professions (Alchemy and Inscription) instead of ending up on the AH. Since the number of glyphs became to much at about skill 225, I opted for a separate trade char, who is now the single hub of my AH shenanigans. While none of my characters has reached level 60 yet, all of them are sporting Netherweave Bags, which I got for material price thanks to the high level characters in my guild (I donated about two NW bags per one bag used by myself to the guild bank as a thank you for all the nice guild perks like Working Overtime).

My first goal was the 5,000 Gold mark, which I hit about a week or so ago. Took me long enough, but my focus was on my other account and equipping my main char over there. I am now sporting 8,000 Gold liquid and about 2,000 more in wares in the auction house. My two major markets have been enchanting materials and glyphs. Occasionally I sell some Arcanite Bars or am lucky selling some vanity pets (White Kitten for 5g or getting the Leaping Hatchling on the way to tame Echeyakee), but those sources of income are nothing reliable yet.

The first of my next major goals will be the 10,000 Gold liquid mark, which may take a while seeing that 2-4 of my characters will be in need of the various level 60 flying skills and the second round of Prime glyphs pretty soon.
The second one is more important to me and it's basically diversification. Having two fairly stable markets (glyphs have finally gotten back to reasonable, but not crazy profitable levels) is nice, having five or more is better. I already have a couple of ideas I want to try out. Some are fairly well known, some are fairly new and I just want to see if there's some money to be made there. So stay tuned for my future dabbling.


The Apprentice Trader


  1. Have you tried the Trade Skill Master addon yet? I love it for my glyph market - top level main & my little AH alt experiment. Zoxy has a great 'how-to' post for TSM

  2. Yeah, I already use TSM for all my glyph resupplying and posting needs, but haven't used it much beyond that. I am still fighting one or two really nasty bugs (or results of wrong usage, not sure).