Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Over before you know it

A veteran blog reader probably knows what six weeks without posts on a fairly new blog mean. "He's a goner." Weeks of business travel, a vacation and an intercontinental move took a lot of tolls, but one of the first was WoW. My account expired three weeks ago and I already hadn't logged in for two weeks prior to that. Since most of my assets were in goods being auctioned, all of them are gone now. That bundled with me not having a WoW-capable laptop and the prospect of living in hotel rooms for the next two months means I will have been away from WoW for more than 3 months should I decide to get back into it.

If 4.2 is out be then, that means I missed two content patches, loads of stuff stowed away in my guild bank that would have made me a nice amount on the patch days and no gold to start with again.

Starting all over again and re-learning to walk after getting my legs broken after the first few steps is nothing I am looking forward to right now. Not with living in a new culture and starting a new job on my back. I'll re-assess this once I have a new gaming machine, but right now, that's it.

I guess this means goodbye.

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